Why use MC Ventilation?

•  We are Qualified Technicians
•  Friendly Service
•  Design-Installation-Service
•  Certified - NBCSA (New Brunswick Construction Safety Association) safety program
• Certified – Radon Gas and Removal detection

Expertise in Servicing:

• All makes of Air Exchangers
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• Central Vac
• Furnaces

What we do at MC Clean Air

When MC Clean Air services your HRV we remove the filters, core, fan motor and defrost motor. The fan blades are cleaned and the defrost motor is cleaned and checked for proper operation. The inside of the unit is cleaned and disinfected then the unit is put back together and all duct is inspected for flaws such as broken flex duct, missing grills, obstructions in duct , outdoor vents plugged by grass clippings, spider webs, etc. Then we will restart the unit and check for proper operation and ensure the unit has been balanced. Unbalanced HRV's are a problem in many houses as they will make the pressure in the house either positive or negative. For example, negative pressure can make smoke from a wood stove be drawn into the house. A house that is positive can force moisture into the building envelope. A properly balanced HRV should have the same amount of air coming in as going out. MC Clean Air also can provide filtration for your HRV, such as charcoal filters for odors from wood stoves from neighboring houses, etc.

MC Clean Air also provides services for dryer vents and washroom exhaust fans. Do you know that dryers have a minimum distance for vent pipe for proper operation? Dryer vents should be checked to ensure they are not becoming blocked by lint. There is more to do than cleaning your lint trap. MC Clean Air sells, installs and services all brands of HRV's.